Unlimited Riches, Making Your Fortune in R. Estate Investing

Unlimited Riches, Making Your Fortune in Real Estate Investing
Robert Shemin (Best Selling Author of Secret of a Millionaire Real Estate Investor)

Tabe Of Content :

INTRODUCTION - Getting Started
CHAPTER 1 Real Estate: The Best Wealth Builder in the Universe
CHAPTER 2 Putting You into Real Estate Deals
CHAPTER 3 All Types of Real Estate: Their Advantages and Disadvantages
CHAPTER 4 Every Possible Way to Find Great Deals in Real Estate
CHAPTER 5 Now That You Found It, Analyze It
CHAPTER 6 How to Control Your Real Estate Holdings
CHAPTER 7 Multiple Real Estate Profit Centers
CHAPTER 8 Do Not Pass Up These Sources of Income
CHAPTER 9 Protect Your Real Estate Assets
CHAPTER 10 Legal Protection and Another Income Source
CHAPTER 11 Systemizing Your Avenues of Income
CHAPTER 12 Your Action Plan
CHAPTER 13 The Twenty-Five Costliest Mistakes That Almost Every Real Estate Investor Makes and How to Avoid Them

APPENDIX Tools for Running Your Real Estate Investment Business
1. Legal Forms
Agreement for Deed
Agreement of Trust
Contract to Purchase Real Estate
Contract of Sale
Quit Claim Deed
Mortgage Purchase Agreement
Offer to Assign and Sell a Note and Deed of Trust 216
Land Installment Contract
Warranty Deed to Trustee
Promissory Note
Power of Attorney
2. Sample Forms and Procedures
Property Acquisition Worksheet
Hiring Contractors: Policy and Procedures
Rehab Worksheet
Procedures for Contractors
Loan Qualification Worksheet
Information Sheet for Notes (Loans)
Lease-Option Prospect Qualification Form
Letter to Potential Investors to Sell a Property
Letter to Insurer to Put Owner’s Name on Policy
3. Guidelines for Success
Guidelines for Successful Negotiating
Negotiating Keys
Property Business Plan Example:
Greenwood Court Project
Formulating a Winning Strategy


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